Optimize can provide management consulting for business improvement.  A fully functional and integrated management team can produce results for all stakeholders.  Combined with skills learned through other Optimize training classes, such as resonate leadership and emotional intelligence, management participants will be able to effect the kind of changes that will take your organization into its future.

I have over two decades of management experience in operation functions such as budgeting, process implementation, and employee supervision.  My previous roles in management along with my coaching and training competencies can provide you with practical solutions to your organization’s needs.


Job Aids

The person who does the job on a day-to-day basis is the best resource on how to get it done.  Creating job aids, examining and documenting what they do in clear methodical way, can find hidden efficiencies that can improve the performance of even the most experience associate.  Job Aids also provide needed documentation on processes that can help your organization with cross training and recovery in the event of key employee loss.

Succession Planning

One of the most difficult leadership decisions to make is the one to move on and let a new generation of leaders take the organization forward.  After spending so much time and money building teams and organizations, leaders want to make sure that after they have moved on to their next chapter, the organization will continue on its mission.  Succession planning is the way to ensure that role the organization plays in the lives of its stakeholders will continue to provide value and make a difference.  Integrated with leadership training or done on its own, succession planning provides the map that the organization will use to continue its story.

SWOT Analyses

A Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunity/Threat (SWOT) analysis can provide an organization with the knowledge it needs to develop strategies to allow for organic growth by understanding its own personality.  By having a true picture of itself, an organization or company can make the kind of decisions that can change its direction or rededicate its focus.  Whether you are changing course or reaffirming it, a SWOT analysis is a classic management tool that can still be employed today with solid results.  Optimize can use this tool not only to examine your whole organization but its teams and even individual employees.

Management Processes

Understanding how your organization manages the roles and tasks assigned to individual team members and to teams is just as important as understanding the teams themselves.  Good processes are only as effective as those managing them.  By examining management processes within your organization, Optimize can help you take the teams you have built and make sure they are working together by making sure the managers, directors, and executive officers are working together.  This can include policy evaluation and organizational development.