Building and maintaining a strong team is one of the best ways for your organization to succeed.  Whether it’s a team assembled to accomplish a project goal or the day to day team that drives your organization, providing support and development opportunities to those teams is an investment that will create positive returns for your organization.


Here are some popular team workshops to select from:

  • StrengthFinders for Teams
  • TetraMap
  • Power of Positivity
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Effective Team Communication
  • Team Goal Setting
  • Team Vision Board
  • Emotional Intelligence in Teams

Customized Team Programs

Customized Training for your team is also available based on the workshops I offer.  Using a variety of sources, I can tailor a program to meet your team’s specific needs by combining aspects of our existing team sessions with additional readings and activities.  Need some Team Building with a refresher on Effective Team Communication?  Let’s look at creative solutions to bring out the best in your team and its members so that your organization can benefit from their strength.

Tribe Curriculum

Do you enjoy doing activities that help you grow professionally and are also enjoyable ways to relax, recreate, and renew?  Do you have a group of friends that you consider to be more than friends but are your tribe?  Then Tribe curriculum is available for you! A coordinated set of activities over a 6-month period, encompassing professional and recreational sessions that can get you out of your proverbial comfort zone in the company of your tribe members.  A great way to learn while having fun, contact me for details.