Just Getting Warm

LL Cool J said, “Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years.”

But sometimes you need to make a comeback. Life can hit you with a good solid right cross and put you on the mat. Sometimes it is a series of small blows that can wear you down.

Regardless of how it happens, sometimes you fall behind, lose focus, and have your energy drained.  It has been said that adversity reveals character. How you handle a set back and how you overcome it are tests to see if your attitude and strategy towards life holds water.

With all that said, exactly how does one make a comeback?

Here are some questions that I ask myself to help me analyze what went wrong:

  1. What part did I take in the setback?
  2. Moving forward how can I be better?
  3. Do I need help/support to get the job done?
  4. What is my first step to get back on track?

It is always good to have learn from and understand your mistakes, missteps, and lost opportunities. But what really matters is that you have found your energy again. Take the lessons and move on. Anyone who has practiced a sport like basketball knows that losing a pick-up game is just part of the process of getting better. Sometimes shooting the ball too quickly can cost you, sometimes not taking shot can. But you eventually get it right.

Forward motion has its own energy. Simply feeling the wind in your face is enough to keep you going ahead. There is a reason it is called momentum. And overcoming inertia is never easy but once that momentum is gained it is matter of keeping going.

So, call it a comeback. Call it a reboot. Take it apart and put it together again.  In the end what is important? That you’re moving forward.